Saturday, April 26, 2008


Jakarta Anarchy

Why am I post my blog with that such of title? Its simple answer. I will write down all the "why" in here. First of all if you lived in Jakarta and your coming to office in 0630 you will have that anarchy. Fuck that bike and cars they horned in single stop and that make me nuts man!

And also that traffic jam in every single day. Even if you was coming to home in 4 o'clock it seems that no change at all. Hmph If you work in Jakarta you will be stress out with this town situation. Let's say if you're have that pressure you can't perform very much in your work. Especially if your work need very high concentration. But also that is depends on your work situation too.

Wow I already 3 weeks in my workplace right now. Actually I love this job. It doesn't just NBA whom can have that slogan I love this game I also had that too.

I've dreamed every day what if every single inhabitant in this Jakarta city was using that public transport or even going work using bike. Why bike because it prevent global warming, saving your money and makes you body more healthy. I've observe this inhabitant in Jakarta why they prefer using private vehicle because our public transportation is not good enough..

must go now because I want to play soccer and go to Atmajaya...

so long dear follow readers!
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Indonesian Film

Indonesian Film

Yesterday, I watched 3 kingdoms for the second time. Yes, the second time the first one I watched at Friday and at Saturday I watched again midnight of course with my other friend in other place too. Wow that film is really good movie. The full title of that film is 3 kingdoms : resurection of the dragon. This film is mainly told about the kingdom Shu in Romance of 3 Kingdoms. But in that film you can watch the plot where Zhao Zilong or you also know as Zhao Yun is became famous. Is there where in Battle of Changban, where Liu Bei was attacked by Tsao Tsao and he force to flee Liu Bei's wife also his little boy. After that battle Zhao Zilong became very - very famous because he saved Liu Bei's child.

In that film Zhao Zilong was portrayed by Andy Lau. Very charismatic actor, he can steal the watcher heart. Zhao Zilong in this film is super duper character. He is obviously complex who can do everything himself.

But after I watched that film I think. Why, our film Indonesian film can't do such things just like that China film? Romance of three kingdoms is a epic film and history novel. Why we just don't produced just like Prahara di langit majahpahit? Or Amukti Palapa. I've found some similarities between that Zhao Zilong character on film and Gajah Mada one of the greatest warlord in Indonesia. They are strong willing and have sworn to unite their countries.

I waited so long in here. When some director in Indonesia just like John de Rantau or Riri Reza to filming that majahpahit epic or Kediri. Why? China can do that why Indonesia can't do that?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Working again

Working again?

what I don't believe I was working again. Now I worked at media now, IT magazine. PC media and infolinux. The dynamic duo is now the biggest computer magazine in Indonesia right now!

Right now I'm working as System Admin at present now. But I don't know in a few month again what I will be. In my first day that means in previous hour ago, I think the working environment is nice and good for me. The people on that magazine is ready to assist me whenever there was a problem. Yes, I was a newbie that trying to learn everything about IT.

So, the best way to learning something is you associate with that community. In this case is associate with the press that publishing the computer magazine. Uuuh I feel great man!
But after I learn that IT thing I must write it again to help somebody who want to learn it!

Why, I'm feeling great? Because in this community I will have many things not much but many things or plenty to work and to learn. I got my first lesson in past previous hour in cisco router. Wow that was a very2 long time I don't touch the router thing and everything that have connection with computer and the network..

My office work hour is 7 a.m until 16 p.m. Yes, baby 7 o'clock in the morning just like student. Ahh.. I feel just like I enjoy my high school time...

shit man it almost 10 p.m got to sleep now....